Our Values & Mission

Our Mission

  • Ensuring the supply of spare parts for our customers to maintain mobility
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement and flexibility are our core objectives


TVZ pyramid of values made of spare parts

Our Values

Our daily requirements define our values:

  • A respectful approach to customers and each other
  • Solution-oriented and efficient collaboration
  • Satisfied, motivated and committed employees
  • Sustained action in harmony with the environment and our company


Mission statement


Our TVZ employees!

"We do the best for our customers"

Our Self-Concept

The TVZ is a valueable and essential "genuine part" of the Porsche Holding Salzburg!

Our Goals
  • High customer satisfaction

  • Decent return

Our KPIs
  • Service level

  • Claim rate

  • Inventory turnover

Our Vision

Top logistic center

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